Danelectro Dan Echo Effect Pedal

Danelectro Dan Echo, great analogue delay pedal. It has a really nice warm sound and great retro looks. I have had it for around 10 years, and haven't really used it as much as I should have. Considering it's age the pedal is in very good condition with only a couple of minor nicks (see photographs). It works a charm, someone should use it, so it is for sale. It is boxed with the manual.
Danelectro Dan Echo

Cool vintage tape effects. The warmth of an all-tube echo with the convenience of a pedal. Hi-Cut control cuts high frequencies on repeats perfectly simulating the tone of a 60's era tape echo.The warmest sounding echo/delay around. Studio quiet. Play it and you'll buy it!

Danelectro Dan Echo Features: Simulated tape echo Metal Casing Mix : Use to select the mix of dry to echo/delay signal. Hi-Lo : Use to set long (Hi) or short (Lo) echo/delay times. Speed : Use to select the length of echo/delay within the HI or LO speed range selected. Repeat : Use to set the number of repeats. Hi Cut : Cuts the high frequency on the delayed signal. Each successive repeat suffers further high frequency cut. This simulates a vintage tape echo. Battery : Uses one S-006P 9-Volt Battery. Danelectro “Vintage Power Source” batteries are recommended. Battery Eliminator : Uses 9-Volt battery eliminator. Polarity: Center negative
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