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An incredibly important letter written from Moses Stuart (1780-1852, theologian and author of important works on Hebrews, the Apocalypse, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, etc.) to Secretary of State under Millard Fillmore, Daniel Webster (1782-1852). Correspondence is known between the pair, who were politically sympathetic and good friends, but the present letter is unpublished to our knowledge.

Arriving at a critical time, this lively and colorful letter discusses Charles Sumner and his failed bid for the Senate in Massachusetts, Free soilers, The Fugitive Laws, The Compromise of 1850 under Henry Clay, abolition, Webster's controversy with Johann G. Hulsemann on the Austro-Hungarian Question ( which was published later this same year ) and so forth. Absolutely irreplaceable piece of history.

Addressed simply to Sir, but docketed in Webster's hand on the address panel and clearly to him. Please see the other Webster letter we have on offer this week.

My dear Sir (Daniel Webster),

You have doubtless read the story of Path-rick O’Rourke. If not I will tell it. Pathrick went across the Channel to see what Masther Johnny could show him. Into one of the English Villages, w he put up, t came a travel-show man, a **
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