Dansco Album #7165 Franklin Half Dollars - lightly used

Dansco Album for Franklin Half Dollars from 1948 to 1963. This album includes holes for all issues P/D/S of the Franklin Half (Liberty Bell) Dollar. It has 2 pages and others could be easily added. 40 holes total. Five unmarked extra holes on the second page after the 1963-D hole. Very slight wear on the corners of the cover. This book is used. If you are looking for a nice used album for your coins you can't do any better than Dansco for the money. They are great for organizing and protecting your coins.

Why buy new? As soon as you tear the plastic off a new album it is used. Why not save a little money so you can put it towards the coins in the album. Get the best for less. I have a large selection of Dansco Albums I'll be listing over the next few weeks. If you don't see what you need, send me an email, if I have it, I'll list it for you.

Since I don't have a great camera to take pictures with, I'll give you my grading on this album.

Scale 1-10 1-junk(needs repair) 10-perfect (new)

Cover - 9+ very slight wear at the corners

Lettering - 10 bright, like new

Plastic Sleves - 9+ few have light scratches. All of the sleves are t

Complete - 10 all sleves are t, has holes for all the issues, plus extras.

Overall - 9+ lightly used but looks like new.

Thanks for looking..
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