DANSCO Liberty Seated Dimes 1837-1891 Album #6122

Dansco Liberty Seated Dimes Album

This auction is for a new Dansco Liberty Seated Dimes Album number 6122. This album contains 5 pages, The first of which contains 25 ports and the remaing 4 contianing 24 ports. Page one dates from 1837-1849. Page two dates from 1850-1859. Pages three dates from 1860-1871. Page four dates from 1871-1877. Page five dates from 1878-1891. This album uses a 7/8" slipcase and is sold separately. Coins are not included the albums and pages listed below are also available just ask and I will give you information on how to get them or Most likely I have more on hand than the quantity listed so please ask and I will increase the quantity listed on the auction for you. Check our other auctions from the list on the left for other Dansco albums & many other coins and collector's supplies.

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