Daoism theme Qing period wood carving 3

My Family , of the Ruling Manchu Clan, have been dealing in Authentic Chinese Antiques for more than a hundred years. We had been dealing in Classic Antique Fabrics , embroidery, pottery and porcelain, bronzes and jade from the Qing Dynasty to the establishment of the Chinese Republic in 1911.

Tutored in the appreciation of finer things in Life by my Manchu `56orbears, I am now in the fortunate position of providing aut hentic items for the enjoyment of Collectors the World over.

Please feel free to join in the appreciation of such fine artifacts provided in my site and feel assured that all items listed are authentic , vetted and in good condition.

Daoism theme Qing period bat copper cash 19C Chinese fish Â"longevityÂ" word roof wood carving 3

ï¼^ They are used for hanging on the roof .the pattern is the story of five school boys who are contending the hat which re precepts are "loyalty" and "filial piety". Taoists worship many deities and so Taoism is polytheistic. The deities belong to three realms: Shen (Wu ji or the Limitless Realm), Xian (Tai ji or the Great Realm) and Sheng (Terrestrial Realm

Taoist coloured drawing wood carving of Chinese Qing period ,used for hanging on the roof aginst the evil.The top of the carving has a bat and two pieces copper cash ,partial tone of which
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