DAREDEVIL #1 (Vol.1) F 5.0 - 1st app/origin of DD!!!

for sale is a book I thought I would keep forever, Daredevil #1. This is a timeless classic. Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Marvel Comics, 1964. Daredevil's first appearance and origin story, including original funky yellow outfit. Hey, the man is blind, you can't hold him accountable if his togs are goofy colors.
This particular copy is in fine condition, owned by a serious collector who is only selling due to the extraordinary bad economic times in the Detroit area. The pictures are scans of the actual book for sale, not a stock photo. As far as condition goes, I would give it an 5.0, and I am a fairly tough grader with 30 years of experience. T are some small chips on the edge of the cover, all tiny . T are some very faint stress marks near the spine, and t is some light wear along the spine also. The cover inks and colors are fairly bright and reflective; interior pages are slightly yellow to yellow, and all pages are fully intact. The cover is not loose, but is worn, and not as crisp as it once was; the cover colors and inks are still good. No printing errors, no rolled spine, no tape, no marks, no stamps. . These defects are relatively minor, and this book is a must-have for Silver Age collectors. At this age, this book is easily a solid 5.0, possibly 5.5. 5.0 for this book in the price guide is $868.00; the BIN is a bargain. For
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