Daredevil 180, 181, 182-189 Elektra Death NM 9.4

Daredevil 180, 181 Death Of Elektra, 182-189 Elektra Death NM 9.4 All #187 VF- Search
This auction is for a lot set or collection grade given is average some book might be higher or lower . Unless individually graded it is a over all grade. ATTENTION! ( If you encounter any problem, and your only thought is to send multiple e-mails and never contemplate picking up the phone calling us. Then do not buy from us. ) Call ( Any time of the day. Someone is t 24/7 most off the time. On average we get 5 phone calls a month and over 500 e-mails. International shipping pays international shipping not united States, t is no free international shipping never WILL BE , If I do not pay I will not ship the merchandise , Do not buy the books if you do not want the books. Please If this is the wrong photo image let us know before bidding or even if you are just looking. We may have to cancel the ad or remove your bid other wise. Thank you.

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