The Dark Knight Rises Harvey Dent 2 Two Face Coin! BATMAN! Movie Prop! NEW

The Dark Knight Rises!
Own the same coin as seen in the movie "THE DARK KNIGHT" by Harvey Dent! The Front and Back of this Coin are both Heads! This coin is the size of an actual 1922 Peace Dollar. It has weight to it and feels exactly like an old heavy coin.
One side looks Brand NEW while the other side looks Burned and Scratched. Very neat Movie Prop replica!
Coin is dated 1922. Please note this coin is made in Pewter! Not a "fake" imitation coin! Be Aware of other Sellers with low feedback who have copied this exact listing! Buy from a REPUTABLE seller with over 2,600 Feedbacks...not 29 Feedbacks!!
Please note this is not real legal tender. Not to be used as currency. Also, this is not the coin used by Heath Ledger in the Actual movie. This is a replica of that coin. Please note we do not offer combined shipping discounts.