Dark Shadows Barnabas Collins Portrait on Canvas

The Ultimate 18th Century Portrait Of Barnabas Collins: More detailed than the original prop or any other Barnabas Portrait ever offered - This is printed full scale with no loss of quality.
Three Original portraits of 18th Century Barnabas were created during the original run of Dark Shadows on ABC. The first was stolen from the studio in 1970 & was the most recognized; the other two were made to resemble the original. The second was made for a brief shot in the Movie "House of Dark Shadows" and the third to replace the one that was stolen from the TV studio.

This Portrait up for auction is from an original I had commissioned by highly respected artist Rich Champagne, and is reproduced on Canvas using the latest giclee printing methods. The quality is amazing & I cannot tell that it is not an original. This is by far the best tribute to the original Portrait from the series that has ever been offered. The portrait was originally acrylic media painted with airbrush on canvas. The artist layered the paint using a technique to mimic paintings of the late 18th Century. The main goal we had for the portrait was that it be respectful to the original portrait so any fan seeing it would accept it as a well done tribute. The differences are that it was done in much greater detail. You can see the white lace at
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