Dark Shadows Josette's Theme Music Box

Dark Shadows Josette's Theme Music Box

A collector's item available for a limited time, this is a reproduction of the beloved music box given to Josette Du Pres in 1795 by Barnabas Collins.
This edition is an exact replica of the rare version originally sold in 1970 and reproduced in 1996 by Dan Curtis Productions Inc. and is stamped with the date inside the music box. Made of plastic with painted copper design and a pattern molded lid, the wind-up music box plays the lovely "Josette's Theme" and comes packed inside a cardboard box with a picture of Barnabas and Josette.

Get this one now as they are almost impossible to find. The company that made them has suspended producton. And did you hear the rumor that Johnny Depp may be playing the part of Barnabas Collins in the Tim Burton, Dark Shadows remake? Check it out : Johnny Depp

Measures 4" tall and 3" wide.

Josette's Music Box ~as published in 16 Magazine~


Josette, dearest, please by my love.

I need you more than all others above.

I wait for your answer to me.

My heart, my soul -- I give to thee.


Yes, I love you, -- Oh, yes, I do.

And I will happily marry you.

I will come to your home over t,

And forever our two lives we'll share.


Oh, Josette, I love you true,

But, God help me, what can I do?

Angelique says I owe her my heart,

That forever more we'll be apart.


What's gone wrong, oh, Barnabas dear?

Every breath of life I fear.

A strange love for your uncle have I

He's taken my heart, I've made you cry.


Barnabas, you will never marry Josette,

Worse things still shall befall you yet.

I curse you to die very soon ---

Living Death will be your doom!

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