Dark Sword DSM-6504 Jen Harvester of Souls Female Necromancer & Skeletal Cat

Visions in Fantasy - Jen, Harvester of Souls
Dark Sword Miniatures Inc. was founded with the single purpose of creating extremely detailed miniatures for both miniature collectors and gamers alike. The miniatures are in the newer 28mm to 30mm scale which has become the industry standard.

So I have joined forces with famed Reaper concept artist TALIN and started getting these talented folks that I am a big admirer of drawn up for sculpting by the very talented Mr. Jeff Grace. We sit down and determine what iconic character class they would like to be based on their personalities and move forward from there. Next up was Jen Haley. Jen Haley was the second painter I contacted when I started Dark Sword Miniatures up back in 2002 (the first was Matt Sturm of Ral Partha fame who was retired from painting). She shot me down in quick order but was somewhat nice about it. Years later, after Dark Sword had proven itself to not be some pipe dream by a crazed miniature collector that never delivers on anything, Jen surfaced and was interested in painting up some Dark Sword pieces if there was anything we wanted to send her way. I of course jumped at the chance and there are a good amount of amazing Jen Haley studio models in the Dark Sword collection. Jen has a fun dark streak in her as well so she wanted to be a Necromancer with an
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