This listing is for a Modern Age

All comics bagged and are first printings in great (NM) condition. This set includes the full miniseries issues #1-7, all first printings,plus extras like # 1 variant,# 4 variant,and the Marvel Spotlight

Grade: NM/M

Grading Guide I try to be a strict grader and since you are not able to examine the comic before hand, I try to under grade slightly so that you will get a better book than you might expect. Mint : Perfect. No excuses, no defects, nothing printed off center. An especially bright or visually attractive cover might get a Gem Mint, but I don't think I've ever seen an actual one of those in my 30+ years of collecting. Even new comics sometimes can't be classified as Mint. Near Mint : A near perfect comic, but it will have a couple of tiny, minor flaws. Very Fine : A few tiny flaws or wear spots. Visually, Very Fine comics look great but don't stand up to close scrutiny. Fine : Light wear or several tiny flaws - usually things that are overlooked at first glance or don't really detract from the look of the comic. A small crease might be acceptable, but it would have to be small and not in a prominent spot. Very Good : General light wear from several readings. A complete solid book. Creases are allowed, but not too many. No large pieces missing, but the corners might
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