A Darkness of Sethanon Raymond Feist Doubleday 1986 First Edition HCDJ

Please view auction picture and title. All the information I know about the book is in the title and picture. If it's a first edition it will say so in the title.

This is part of a collection of 2500 books I'm listing from a book dealers 1970-1990 inventory. He bought 90% of them directly from the publishers between 20 and 40 years ago. The rest he got second hand. When he retired this is what he had left. About 90% of the collection is in brand new condition except for the normal minor amounts of scuffing that might appear due to sitting on a book shelf for any length of time. The remainer is in very good or better. Please view the picture to get an idea of the exact condition of this particular book.

S/H is 3.95 in the U.S.

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Note to self: Located in Box 102