Darling Baby Girl, Reborn by Grama's Forever Babies

Jean Campbell

Award Winning Artist

Presents for You

Baby Meghan

20 inches

4 lbs 8 oz

This lovely baby was created for you using the highest quality products available in the industry. I use only Genesis Heat Set paints to achieve the skin tones on each of my babies. I have created my own skin tones and shading using advanced painting techniques, you can be sure that your baby is a one of a kind as the painting takes several days and layers.

This baby has a beautiful soft fully jointed custom made doe suede body.

Meghan has hand painted hair. She has a magnet on the right side of her head for a bow. Never use a chemical cleaner of any type on your baby as you can damage the paint.

This is a lovely little baby that is a sweet little package and very very cuddly.

This is such an adorable little baby. She is the Meg sculpt by Marissa May. She looks like she is saying, here I am pick me up and cuddle me. I have bathed, painted and blushed this little one with much love and care. She has the most realistic skin with many very thin layers of Genesis heat paints. They will not chip or fade. Her skin was a joy to create.

Her little nails are painted and sealed with matt sealer, her lips and eyes have added moisture. She has a magnet for her pacifier and her hair

Your baby has only fine quality materials in her. The limbs are weighted with fine glass beads and the body and head are weighted with glass beads. He body has 1.5/2mm glass beads contained in a stocking which has been sewn closed so the beads will not leak. The stocking is then surrounded with soft fiber fill. The head weight materials are contained in a pouch not loose inside the head, and then the head is filled with fiber fill. No organic materials are ever used in my babies. She is stuffed with high quality fiber fill in all the right places to give her a soft body that is nicely rounded and weighted perfectly for you.

I only buy first quality kits from authorized dealers or people who have purchased kits and gone out of business or just need to reduce inventory. None of my reborns I sell are made from seconds kits or have defects. If I find a defect in a kit I will state that in my auction and sell the doll with that being understood.

She will always need her head supported just like a real baby.

Please always handle a reborn like you would a newborn baby, never pull on the arms and legs or head as they can pull off with force. These babies are collector's items not intended for small children as toys.

Your baby has 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs and can wear short sleeves and short pants easily.

All of my babies come from a smoke free home.

I do not open the nostrils on my babies as I do not want to risk damaging the vinyl, the nostrils are shaded for depth.

Reborn dolls are normally made for adult collectors however, there are more and more children and teens who are enjoying these babies. Please understand that these dolls have small parts that could be a choking hazard. A small child should never be left alone with a Reborn Doll. I do not repair or replace dolls that have been miss-handled without charging for parts and labor.

I have provided a good description of the doll and the materials that have gone into the making of her. If you decide to take the doll apart for any reason you do so under your own risk, if the doll is damaged due to the buyers desire to change a body or peek inside then I can't be responsible if they damage the doll in the process. If you are curious please ask and I can provide you with a packet of the materials that are in your doll.

All my babies come to their new Mommy's with the clothing they wear in their auctions. She will also be bringing other nice surprises as part of her layette. She will arrive with this clothing as pictured. All other items in the auction photos are props and not for sale.

Your baby will be shipped to you within 2 days of payment clearing. I ship Priority Mail and your baby should ...

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