Darling Schilling Talking Doll-1949------------------NR

Darling Schilling Talking Doll-1949------------------NR

This sweet doll is 22 inches and has a hard plastic head, vinyl extremities, and a cloth body with a non working talking mechanism.

She has the usual molded hair rubs on the top and in the back as pictured .

She has a beautiful painted face with big, beautful clear eyes, all lashes present on left eye and some missing on the right but not obvious when her eyes are open.

She has a perfect mouth with teeth and felt tongue and lovely blushed cheeks.

Her arms and legs are vinyl and her middle finger on her right hand has a nip.

Her body is clean and has no odors.

She has been redressed in a lovely eyelet laced and silk flower trimmed dress, hat and panties.

She comes with a copy of the directions that came with her when purchased.

This is a rarer nice clean doll in very displayable condition.

Manufacturing History 1949 by Joseph L Schilling Toy Company NY.


This first venture into the doll field by a prominent toy manufacturer proved unbelievably rewarding.

According to a report in the September 1949 Playthings, at the store selected to test market the doll, "the promotion started on the morning of July 7th.

At 11 AM the next day, the store
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