*Darren Donnelly* Brand New Reborn Doll Kit *IN STOCK*

Welcome to Phil Donnelly Babies

Please welcome Darren Donnelly

Below are some examples of what Darren could look like when finished.

Please remember that you are buying a blank kit only, not a finished doll.

Darren Donnelly has been produced into high quality baby soft vinyl Reborn Doll Kits for the reborn artist to create your own baby. The kit will consist of: Blank unpainted vinyl head, Blank unpainted 3/4 length arms, Blank unpainted full length Legs.
Body and Tummy plate not included! This kit when finished will make a 22" baby. You can also purchase a tummy& chest plate to pose him with. Darren at a glance Kit Name Darren Donnelly Edition Size
Finished Doll Size 22" Eyes N/A Head Circumference 38cm Optional Extras available Body, Tummy plate. Stock Levels more than 30
The Tummy & Chest posing plate is not part of the kit, it is available as an optional extra from
Optional disc jointed cloth body with ties will also available.
Heath and Safety

Due to the danger of phthalates in vinyl doll kits, we have had our vinyl tested and the results show our vinyl is phthalates free and conforms to European Standard EN71.

However caution should be taken as all vinyl gives out toxins (VOC's)when heated. We don't recommend you use an oven in which you cook food. Also
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