Darth Vader Reveal neck Seal/Brace replica prop kit

Star wars Darth vader Neck Seal/Brace

Replica Prop kit

Completly accurate wearable replica of the dark lords neck seal/brace as see in the

The Empire Strikes back while on board his super star destroyer in his meditation chamber

An absolute must to complete any Dark lords costume and rule the empire,

This kit has been meticulously made and replicated to match all the correct part used

on the orginal screen used prop, using the star wars chronicals book printed by virgin

as reference to match the details

The link below is to a short video to show how flexible this item is


more details and photos can be found here


kit contains all the parts to build the item shown in the first two pictures

with all replicated parts being separate items (see pictures at foot of page )

The largest part of this kit along with 8 of the details are cast in black pigmented

polyurethane rubber with a shore hardness of 70 which means it is quite hard wearing but flexible,

with 46 detail parts cast in high grade white polyurethane resin (which will need painting before assembly)

comes with fixing screws but can be glued together with super-glue if wished

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