No Date Lincoln Penny Planchet Errors 1 Cent Broadside & Centered Errors 1Lot

No Date Lincoln Penny Planchet Errors 1 Cent Broadside & Incorrectly Centered Errors

I have for sale a very rare and highly collectible one cent, (penny), with multiple errors.

This coin was misstruck out of the collar and incorrectly centered with part of the design missing.

This coins' date was outside of this strike. These rare mistakes occur when the planchet did not

enter the coinage press properly and is struck off center. Coins that are struck only slightly off

center with none of the design missing are called broadstrikes. Those with nearly all of the design

missing, (as this coin is), are generally worth much more. This error coin also has the strike outside

of the collar besides being off center for an additional Mint error. When a coin is struck without being

contained in the collar die, the coin spreads-out larger then a normal coin and has an edge with-out

the collar, (plain edge), as this coin. Also the coin blank was not polished enough and the lathe lines

were left on the die blank and were carried over to the working die used to strike the planchet.

(See light vertical lines on die blank in my pictures.) These errors are highly prized by coin collectors,

as not only these errors rarely happen but when they
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