Dated "1861" Civil War Soda. M.B. & Co 145 West 35th St New York, privy dug

Up for auction a dated 1861 Civil War soda bottle from M.B. & Co (John, Francis, and Patrick Morgan) from NYC. The bottle was dug in BROOKLYN BY ME MANY YEARS AGO OUT OF A PRIVY. This example is a classic pony shape, aqua, and a bit over 7" tall. Lite glass abrasions, but still a very nice example from a business that started around 1856. No bad stain, chips or cracks on this bottle.

This bottle was made and used in a YEAR when Fort Sumter, SC. was fired on by Confederate forces, Abraham Lincoln was elected 16TH president of the Union, seven southern states seceded from that Union, and the first battles of what everyone thought was going to be a short war were fought. Also a time when Robert E. Lee turned down being the supreme commander of all Northern forces, and choose instead to side with his home state of Virginia, which had joined the Confederacy by years end. This bottle was mad, used, discarded, and thrown down a privy when all those events were going on !!!

The Civil War would rage on for four more bloody years at a cost of well over 620-750 thousand lives taken on both sides. It has been said that the Revolutionary War made us Americans, but the Civil War defined us, and made us a Nation.

As for the bottle.

Please look at all the pictures carefully, and bid accordingly. ---------- thank you.
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