DATED Japan NOC London 2012 Pin - Might be very rare!

JAPAN NOC pin for London 2012 Summer Olympic Games!

(This could be a rare find. Most of the dated Japan NOC pins simply have just the year at the bottom. This one says "Olympic Team 2012" on the bottom bar! It was traded with a Japanese athlete just outside the Olympic Village!)

This, as with most of my Olympic on-site auctions, is for 1 day only . LOW Opening Bid!

Items will be shipped quickly from the UK. (Because that's where I am for 3 weeks!)

Those of you who know me (I'm Don Bigsby - no secrets here) can wait to pay after accumulating several purchases. The cost of shipping has gotten very high, so take advantage of multiple pins per mailing, especially when items should be insured.

If you don't know me, I am the founder and president of the Olympin Collectors Club, formed over 30 years ago. Check me out at , and check out the Club at . If you join this year, you will receive the 2012 Member Badge with the London 2012 logo. They will be gone soon, just so you know. (If you love this hobby, you should really consider belonging to Olympin. Over 500 members from 32 nations will tell you that too!)