This stunning 3d display, has been produced by the UK onlyofficial 3d display manufacturer. We are proud to have been chosen to be theirsole UK distributor.

The unique 3d design is often copied, but never bettered, it is by far the best way to display an item and gets rave reviews from all that have seen the design in the flesh.

The 3d processes is different to a conventional 2d frame in that in a 2d frame the item inside sits flat and touches the glass. It is held together by squashing the backboard to the glass sandwiching the item between the 2. This 2d frame will be 99% of what you see for sale here on ebay and elsewhere. Whilst it does the job ,it is old fashioned and uninspiring. (seen 1 seen them all type of thing)

The 3d process involves shaping the item around a template and fastening in a curved manor. The item appears floating in the frame and is if is being worn by the player.

The company not only produce these stunning displays but they have also framed items for numerous premiership clubs and footballers and have recently been commissioned to produce a unique piece for Robbie Williams. The quality and design is the best in the industry and in our opinion the best you can buy at any price. The fact they are able to supply at such keen prices makes their displays the only choice.

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