David Bowie Ziggy Stardust badges pins limited edition

In early 1972 George Underwood designed atour poster for his friend David Bowie. The main image was a cartoon version of David’s new stage persona, the character adopted for his next LP, Ziggy Stardust. The only text on these posters were the words ‘David Bowie’, with space below for the venues to be overprinted as the tour progressed across the UK. The drawing was also widely featured in full page adverts in the British music press.

In August David invited Lindsey Kemp to help him stage the Ziggy Stardust concerts at London’s Rainbow Theatre. George was asked to design the programme for these special concerts and added in some extra cartoon characters inspired by songs from the Ziggy LP. These images were also made for sets of full colour skin transfers, which RCA Records produced for promotional distribution on David’s first US tour in the autumn of that year.

What is not widely known is that the characters were also going to feature in a proposed Disney cartoon, which was all set to go into pre-production, when David’s management suddenly decided the world wasn’t quite for this particular type of rock fantasia.

To coincide with the 30 th anniversary of David and Lindsey’s magical Ziggy Stardust concerts. Ziggy, Starman, Lady Stardust, Weird and Gilly have been faithfully reproduced as individual badges.
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