David Bradley Antique Corn Grinder Mill Sheller

Up for auction is an antique David Bradley corn sheller.
The David Bradley ManufacturingCo. was once part of Sears Roebuck and Co. Between the years 1910and 1953, many of the farm related items sold through the Sears catalog were made by Bradley. In later years, Bradley became a leader in lawn and garden equipment.

Those who have heard of Bradley generally associate the name with a line of two wheel garden tractors sold by Sears during the âe~40s, âe~50s and early âe~60s. These tractors were quite popular at the time, and many thousands were made. In addition to a number of models, t were also numerous attachments made for these tractors. Today, collecting these attachments (and the different models of tractors) makes for an interesting and challenging hobby.

Bradley also made numerous riding tractors. Early Bradley riders included the Graham Bradley, a full sized farm tractor manufactured by Graham-Paige in the late thirties. Another was the Handiman RT sold in the late 30s and early 40s. 1954 saw the introduction of one of the most interesting (and collectable) of the Bradley riders, the three wheeled Tri-Trac. While none of these tractors were particularly successful (most were sold for only a couple of years) unbelievable success came in the late âe~50s with the introduction of the Suburban line. The Suburban
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