DAVID HOCKNEY (RA) Book of 18 Portraits - First Edition - Rare Book

David Hockney (RA) 18 Superb portraits all compiled in a small hardback book.

18 portraits by David Hockney, a print run of only 3,500 copies in 1977 by GEMINI G.E.L. Los Angeles, California, so this book is rare and very collectable.

Dimensions are 17 x 12.5cm. Contains 72 printed pages. Printed on what looks like cartridge paper, so a nice look and feel to it.

The book and dust cover are in good clean condition with very minimal marks, the hardback cover itself is virtually mint. Superb portraits and detail which were drawn from life directly onto lithographic stone (with the exception of two). Hockney completed these works in the studios of Gemini G.E.L., during two visits to Los Angeles in 1976. All the heads (again with the exception of two) are reproduced in actual size. The subjects are friends from Los Angeles, New York and London. (many of them famous). There are many pages of detail from the drawings also.

Perhaps the most interesting of them all is Hockney's ex partner, American artist & sculptor Peter Schlesinger. (pic 1), who featured in many of Hockney's ' The Splash' paintings.

This copy has been in my possession and carefully stored away for more than 20 years.