David Winter Cottage - FALSTAFF'S MANOR - COA, Rare


David Winter Cottages

The Main Collection, 1986

Gorgeous, Huge Cottage in excellent displayed condition; identifying label on bottom of piece. T are a few tiny chips along the roof line; refer to picture for biggest one. Introduced 1986; Retired 1991. Height: 8 1/2", Width: 8", Depth: 7 1/2" Included is a copy of the COA, Certificate of Authenticity, which gives a nice description of the sculpture and history of the inspiration for this cottage. Stored in a smoke-free environment. Each sculpture is unique and highly collectible. This is an exquisite sculpture, great detail and colors; One of his largest and heaviest of his older cottages. Rare collectible as it was a limited edition!!

"David Winter Cottages are hand-made and hand-painted in the Studios and Workshops of John Hine, Ltd. in Great Britain."

Gifted English sculptor, David Winter, is regarded as one of the foremost creators of miniature architectural structures. The David Winter Cottages Collection takes us back to a tranquil existence enjoyed by countless generations, who lived and worked in simpler days gone by when homes were built to suit the domestic activities and needs of each individual family. David Winter's exquisite attention to detail has become his hallmark and his work is instantly recognizable due to
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