David Winter ~ Wrecker's Cottages ~ 1996

This David Winter Cottage issued in 1996 is titled "Wreckers Cottages" and was issued and retired in 1996 as a part of the "West Country" Collection, with an issue and retire price of $225. It is purported to have a current secondary market value of $325. This is a large piece, measuring 7 1/2 inches by 5 inches, standing 10 3/4 inches high, and weighing about 6 1/2 pounds not including packing material. The piece features a double set of cliffs rising out of the sea, and the cottages built atop the cliffs with a cave-like opening on the right side and steps carved into the cliff to gain entrance to the cottages. The base shows many pieces of shipwrecked matter from the storms and raging seas. The signature secret "mouse" on this selection is located on the backside in the center underneath the log support. This particular piece is the "Paint Your Own" version, hand made in the studios and workshops of John Hine Limited, Great Britain, and has a few nicks and chips (see last 2 images), which will not show at all when you've painted it. It also does not include a box or certificate. For these reasons, the starting price is considerable under market for this selection. Quoted domestic shipping includes insurance.
Gifted English sculptor David Winter is regarded as one of the foremost creators of miniature architectural structures.
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