David Yellowhorse "Battle Worn Comanche" Cowboy knife

Yellowhorse Fans!

Just in time for Christmas

your are bidding on a brand new knife style from Lone wolf knives called a cowboy knife . the theme of the knife is Custers Mount

" Battle Worn Comanche"

On June 26th 1876, a hot Sunday morning, General George Armstrong custer led his command of 267 men of the 7th Cavalry in to the Vally of the Little Big Horn river. t he was met by over 2500 hostiles including Souix ,lacota, and Cheyenne. ther His entire column of 12 officers, 8 indian scouts and 247 enlisted men met t fate in less than 20 minutes . Custers horse ,a paint named Comanche, survived the battle but was later killed and buried with Custer as the Souix belived a warrior would need his horse to get to the spirit land The Souix hated Custer but also respected him. this knife entitled

"Battle Worn"

commemorates Custers horse Comanche

knife features inlays of turquoise, black jett orange spiny oyster, and white turquoise and Desert Ironwood with Davids native steel blade and a nickel silver inlay of Custers horse standing on the battle field , head down ,reigns on the ground, an arrow stuck in the saddle with the flag of the 7th flying beside him . he is Battle Worn

comes with in a form fitted laser engraved hardwood box with Davids signature and logo engraved
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