Davits by Bremer for Dinghy or Tender

"Bremer 350 Dinghy Davits developed to store your dinghy on the standard transom stern. Cruisers or houseboats from 28' and up. They are light in weight, made of high tensile strength aluminum, and are quickly demountable for easy stowage". This description is from a Bremer sales brochure. I think the quickly demountable means you have to unbolt them from the deck but the bolts that would be used are large and easy to get a wrench on.

The cast aluminum dinghy clamps are included but you need to supply the ball and socket to attach your tender. These can be made from one inch diameter knobs with a threaded stud of a length to suit your application and can be found at any good hardware store.

Base dimension is 6" x 4". The inside reach is 31" and height 24". They are rated to load 500 lbs per pair. They weigh about 15 lbs each. I bead blasted them and then painted with a light coat of white industrial paint. T are no hidden stress cracks. I acquired two sets of these davits and discovered stress cracks in the set I kept for myself.. The pulleys are new. These are davits from the mid seventies and no longer made. I have a set mounted on my old 26' houseboat and I like the painted aluminum better then the more costly stainless steel sets that can cost upwards from $1200. I think they're perfect for an older boat or
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