D-Day Landings (Normandy) Planning Photographs/Briefing. 10 x 8, "Dry Ferrying"

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Up for auction this evening are several (seven) 10 x 8 Black & White D-Day Preparation Photographs of a Military Briefing or Report of tactical use & lessons learned for the Amphibious Landings, in the pre-Normandy Invasion. An Estate find. The photographs are all numbered, the quality, while being reproduced for in theater use, you can see it was quickly put together in the typed descriptions & details. An Estate find, of a Major Lura, United States Army, who went ashore at sometime during the Normandy Landings. These Pictures are numbered 80 through 86 , depicting Army vehicals being " Dry Ferried " between to Navy or Coast Guard Dukws. The first description page " 106054F Unloading the light M-5 A-4 (Tank) which has been dry ferried ashore off a lagoon too deep to ford, from a tank lighter fetched up on the bar." is a reproduction I made, as the descriptions are on the backs of the previous photograph. I am just offereing these pictures, as I have no idea as to their interest by collectores or value. They are not marked as "Classified" in anyway, which I find really hard to believe, but also nothing has been redacted from the images, so these may mever have gone through censorship or classification. All seven images for one money, they tell a brief glimps of what was thought about & tried to get
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