3-Day Sale #37775X "The Columbus Needle" Compass 1893

We've owned and sold this compass perhaps 4 or 5 times in thirty years, but never before with the lid. We have seen the lidded compass, but this one not only has the lid but still has the index to the building affixed to the underside of the lid. This piece seldom remains since it's just paper and inset into the underside. This key is juThey seldom survive. The compass is a very detailed blue and black map of the grounds. If you look at it you will recognize this rendition as the one seen on several maps and in brochures from the fair. The Montgromery Ward pocket map comes to mind, for example. It's surprisingly high quality. Someone could use the compass if they couldn't remember north from south on the grounds (a common problem among visitors to the massive site and this piece was also a quite realistic and useful guide to the major structures at the fair--no fewer than 26 buildings/sights are keyed to the map. We saw the compass without key and lid sell twice in the last 8 months--for just over $100 and for $150. That's a fair range--$100-$150--for the compass. We'd say the lidded version is far more desirable, but one of those items w the price could vary dramatically just based on who happens to see the listing. We're offering it today for 25% less than we'd expect if it were in a large auction. Good luck bidding.