Dazey Butter Churns, Red, Set of 3, #20, #10, #5, Rustic Antique Style

Glass Dazey Butter Churns #5, #10 & #20--RED

These are NEW reproductions of Antique Churns with working lid.

NOTE ON COLOR: These jars are made of Solid Colored Glass, the color IS NOT flashed (Painted) onto the glass, which makes for a better quality colored jar.

Set of 3 as pictured. Dimensions:

#5: The item is 7" tall and 3 3/8" square. The mouth of the jar is 2 5/8" wide.

#10: The item is 8 3/4" tall and 4" square. The mouth of the jar is 3 1/4" wide.

#20: The item is 12" tall and 4 3/4" square. The mouth of the jar is 4 3/16" wide.

We have not made butter with these churns and feel they are more for decoration that use.

This item is a nice replica, but it is not a piece of Tiffany Glassware so you may find some minute flaw. We do not misrepresent or send any damaged merchandise. We check all items as closely as possible before we ship. This churn is in working condition but we will not guarantee you can churn butter in one since we have not tried that process. Please ask any questions before bidding. All sales are final.