DBX 160XT Compressor / Limiter 160 XT (x a)

This DBX 160XT includes an attached Power Cable.

Condition: This unit is in good condition and works great. It has some wear from previous use.

What We Like: This is one of the better 160's, it has XLR as well as 1/4" ins and outs, unlike the X version of the 160.

Product Details:

The dbx 160XT is a legendary dbx 160 family of compressor/limiters. The same classic sound, easy set-up and no compromise metering is now married to an improved signal path and stronger chassis design. The result is industry standard compressor/limiter which is digital-ready and road tough.

Featuring switch-selectable OverEasy and Hard Knee compression curves along with extremely wide-ranging threshold, ratio and output controls, the dbx 160XT is up to any task. True RMS level detection provides the most natural-sounding dynamics processing available, from subtle compression to "brick wall" peak limiting. Choose low ratios and OverEasy compression to transparently smooth out fluctuating vocal and instrumental levels. Or use the 160XT's Hard Knee compression and high ratios (up to and beyond :1 and over 60dB gain reduction) for bombproof protection against overload distortion in digital recording, P.A. systems and broadcast signals. The 160A is fully compatible with +4/-10dB and balanced/ unbalanced systems, and its
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