DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile

Unless you have a full-size Batcave, a full-size Batmobile is going to be awfully difficult to store. Your regular two-car garage just isn't going to cut it. And leaving it in the driveway is going to lead to some awkward questions from your neighbors, such as: "What kind of gas mileage does that thing get?" "Are you some kind of masked vigilante?" and, of course, the one we dread most of all: "Can I take it for a spin?"

This 24-inch brand new Batmobile will fit nicely inside your house, easily avoiding the pestering questions from your neighbors. But it can still fit two 6-inch figures in its fully realized cockpit, so you can take Batman and Robin for a spin (or any other 6-inch figures, to create your own crossovers). Based off the design from the animated series, this Batmobile includes fully-lit dashboard, headlights, tail lights, and turbine engine. Vrrroooom vrrrooom! Criminals of Gotham, beware!