DC Comics Batman #120 December 1958 Fine 6.0

Hi there, up for auction today is a whole bunch of comic books from 1955 to 1958 that a friend of mine found in the pantry of an old house he was working on. These include superhero comics from both DC, science fiction, horror, war and a few other random genres. All of them have been sitting untouched for years! I have been selling records on eBay for years so I am very familiar with grading, but this is my first time with comic books, so I studied several websites and watched several videos on grading before I proceeded to grade them individually under a bright light. Since it is my first time, I ask that you please review the pictures carefully, contact me before the auction's end with any questions, and be aware that I a newbie so to speak. If I am ever on the fence on a grade, I choose to under grade, so you may be pleasantly surprised when you receive your book in the mail! Also, I have much large pictures available with great detail, so please message me and I can email them to you.

Ok, this auction is for:

DC Comics Batman #120 from December 1958 in Fine 6.0 condition!!

Your happiness is my number one concern in this auction, so please contact me with any questions or if I forgot any imporant info in the listing that you are wondering about! Shipping will of course be done extremely quickly and the
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