DC Fox Crow 2 11 12 20 42 66 1952-1961 Screen Comics 28 43 57 1950 Comic Lot 48

Most of the comics have spine wear, minor tears, spine rolls, creases, wear and tear etc. Basically good condition reader copies. Comics that are in much worse condition I will try to note. Ones that are closer to fine I will note also. Includes: Fox and the Crow #2 tears at staples, no other major outer damage #11 creases, tears #12 light pencil, wear #20 no major tears or creases, brown #42 heavy wear nabd creases #66 writing, smudge, creases Screen Comics #28 spine chips front and back #43 staple tears, wear, chipped edges on back #57 creases, chips, tears
The se were purchased in one huge collection of over 10,000 comics last fall. This is the third round of comic lots for sale on eBay. The entire collection was individually bagged and taped. I have not opened and fully inspected each individual comic, just way too many to go through. If you need further information, email and I will answer any questions.
This we week we have over 100 golden and silver age comic lots. All NO RESERVE! All golden and silver age kids, funny animal, war, western, crime, cartoon, Archie, promo and 4 color comics. COMBINED SHIPPING!