Nice, DC - 3 Sinclair Oil Diecast Airplane with Stand

This is a high quality diecast model airplane (Douglas DC-3) made as a promotion for Sinclair Oil. It is 1/48th scale measuring 9" long x 12" wingspan x 3" high without the display stand and 5" high with it. It is in great condition with no visible scratches or mars on the paint and has very nice markings representative of the colors and logos of the Sinclair Oil Company. It has a landing gear that comes down (picture #5) and shows so well on the display stand. There is only one flaw and that is shown in picture #2. One blade of the right engine prop is missing. Darn!!. I think I can find the box that comes with it but am still looking. It creates a great discussion piece. I have had it on my desk at work for quite awhile and I think that is why the prop was broken. Many looked it over maybe alittle too closely! I accept PayPal and will ship via standard parcel post with delivery confirmation. Thanks for looking!!