Ddrum Diablo Punx, black with red h/w, 5 piece drum kit shell pack

This auction is for a preowned Ddrum Diablo punx 5 piece drum kit. please note that this is for the shell pack only, that is the snare, bass drum, tom with mount, and 2 floor toms with legs. no stands or other hardware is included.
This kit is finished in a shiny piano black and has bright red hardware (rims+lugs), it really is an eye catcher and the abnormal rims really stand out. all shells are made of basswood for a really fat effect on the drums and snare.
Bass drum- The bass drum is a massive 22"x20", this gives it a massive sound and really cuts through your cymbals, other drums, and guitars meaning that you can always hear it (for a change!). the bass drum has slight surface marks mainly around the underneath of it from use over the past few years, these only really stand out upon inspection but are not noticeable and have not torn the wrapping, or damaged the condition of the actual drum. has bass legs with either spike of rubber feet option, the red finish on these is starting to wear in a few places. one bass drum hoop has a slight dent but still fits, works and looks fine as its only cosmetic. comes with a ball joint tom holder(w/ memory clamp), bass drum atachment(w/ memory clamp), and an extra option for a cymbal stand or another tom to be attached. front head is a ddrum factory head (few marks) with a muffled
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