The Dead Reich Herr Burkhart Unpainted Model Kit Zombies Unleashed

Herr Burkhart The Rise of THE DEAD REICH has begun!

Herr Burkhart's final war cry was cut short by an allied sniper on the Western Front. He died among his fallen comrades, a final death rattle escaping his gaping mouth as explosions and smoke filled the air. A mysterious series of events more than half a century later have breathed life back into his rotten carcass as the first among a resurrected army soon to once again unleash Hell on earth!

Herr Burkhart is the first in a new series of busts from QUARANTINE STUDIO for our new line THE DEAD REICH. These 1/4 scale statues are created in nauseating detail and high quality hand painted finish in handsome collector's package. Not intended for those of squeamish or otherwise sensitive dispositions.

Herr Burkhart stands 8 1/4 inches tall and comes unpainted and he wants to invade your collection.