Dealer’s Postage Stamps Lot 10 Sheets Unused MINT British Commonwealth Countries

I just obtained some really nice collectible stamp pagesfrom an estate sale. These may be from a dealer, as they aren’t mounted in a traditional album and are all in near-perfect condition. I am listing 5 different and large lots this week and will list some related items soon. Just don’t have time to sell them piecemeal. I took hi-res images, but Ebay compresses them so if you want the hi-res originals, please send me your email address via the Ebay Contact link.

This lot includes 10 different pocketed pages, packed full of mint or near-mint stamps. I say near mint because some of them have hinges or hinge marks on the rear. But the fronts of all are virtually pristine. They appear to be from various time periods; I’m guessing mostly 40’s through 80’s but it’s been a while since I collected stamps. There are around 60/page or approximately 600 stamps total.

Countries covered: Mostly UK and commonwealth countries, often with images of royalty in the corners. Ones easily visible include Ascension, Seychelles, Dominica, British Solomons, Antigua, Grenada, Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Canada, Monserrat, Pitcairn Islands, New Zealand, Cook Islands, St Vincent, Fiji, India, Cayman Islands, Mauritius, Nigeria, Southern Rhodesia, etc. A beautiful assortment. Be sure to check out my other four stamp lot listings!

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