Dean Yeagle SCRIBBLINGS 5 Remarked Sketch Book MANDY Pin-Up ORIGINAL ART Signed

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THESE ARE REAL, Hand Drawn by the Artist, penciled then inked and used for the production of the Comic Book that is Published.
They are ORIGINAL and unique one-of-a-kind illustrations.


Publisher : Caged Peagle Productions, Inc.

Title : SCRIBBLINGS from the desk of Dean Yeagle

Issue : #5

Page : Inside Front Cover

Remarked Sketch

Cover Date : 2011

Size : 8.5" x 11" and 48 Pages

4" x 4.5" Size of the Art with Signature

2.5" x 3" Size of the Artwork Only

One of a Kind


Remarked "Mandy" Head Sketch


This auction is for ORIGINAL ARTWORK as shown in the photo / scan provided.

I do not sell any "copies", "reproductions", nor "prints" and categorize them as Original Art. The definition of original art is when actual pencil, pen, marker, ink, or paint is used to render an illustration by an artist by hand.

I only sell ORIGINAL ART . This was used in the production of the actual comic book, it's a one-of-a-kind item.

I am a believer as collectors we're mere custodians of the artwork, holding onto it for safe keeping for future generations to enjoy. With that, I've decided to reduce and pare down my collection
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