Dean's NWA METEORITE By The POUND (#579)

Note that the numberin brackets in the lot description is simply my inventory number for this lot and is not in any way a name or otherwise indicating anything about this meteorite.


This is an actual meteorite that from outer space that was found by Sahara desert nomads. I am easily the largest supplier of meteorites found by Sahara Desert nomads and have sold several tons of NWA meteorites in the past seven years. Buy your meteorites from the main source of desert material and be confident in who you are dealing with.

This meteorites in this auction has not been sent for classification and has not been named. Priced cheap.


Meteorites are named after w they fell or were found. So if a meteorite fell near the town of Zagami Nigeria its name is Zagami. if it fell near Ensisheim Germany its name is Ensisheim and if you buy a piece of that meteorite you buy it using that name. Usually this naming system works well but over the past 5 or 6 years people have discovered you can find meteorites relatively easy in deserts. This includes poor Sahara desert nomads used to earning $200 a year who now all of a sudden can get tens of thousands of dollars for a good meteorite find. So it seems that pretty much everybody who lives in the Sahara are on the lookout
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