DeArmond by Guild M77T in Solar Bronze, Guild Hardcase.

Brilliant guitar,you will struggle to find one with a Guild case like this.

The M77T has a chambered body which is similiar but slightly larger body than a Les Paul, the solar bronze finish is more subdued than a goldtop but the sound is not!

These have got to be the most underrated guitars on the market.except to those in the know.Really well put together they can only appreciate in value.

This one is in superb condition,plays beautifully and easily and will give you deep rich chord or a screaming solo,it even stays in tune when you use the "Digsby"

Amazing pickups,unusually with black surrounds,the black ones were usually reserved for Gretsch guitars with white ones going to Guilds and other makers.

I was told these guitars were made in Korea then shipped back to the USA to be fitted with the electronics.

When Fender took over Guild and Gretsch they stopped producing these DeArmond models which were exact copies of Guilds and very similiar to Gretsch Duo Jets and with the same pickups.

Prefer collection,would courier , BUT TO UK MAINLAND ONLY.

You are welcome to try it before the auction ends.