Deathnote Anime Death Note Wordings Cosplay Ring

Brand New Deathnote L Cosplay Ring. It measures about 16-18mm inside diameter. It has beautiful laser-cut "Deathnote" wordings. (Picture does not do justice to actual ring) Absolutely great for Cosplays or Collection!
Main Characters
L Considered one of the best detectives in the world, no one really knows much about the mysterious L. He speaks to his clients through faceless means such as his lap top, a PowerBook G4, and only takes on cases that interest him.
Ryuuku A God of Death who tricked his boss into giving him two Death Notes. Out of boredom he drops one of them on Earth, and takes to following around the boy who found it. He takes a lot of interest in the travails of humans, and has a penchant for video games and apples.
The man most refer to as 'L', he was forced to show himself to the Japanese police during the Kira case. He is a young, highly intelligent boy who masquerades as several internationally reknowned detectives. Ryuuzaki is the name he uses with the Japanese police, while Ryuuga is the name he used to enroll in Raito's school. His real name is unkown so far in the story.
Kira/ Raito Raito is an above average seventeen-year-old boy when the reader first meets him. He is extremely intelligent, handsome, and popular. When he finds the Death Note he decides to create a
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