This is the real deal: The K+E DECI-LON 13 1/2" long 68 1100 mathematical slide rule. Used, but in great condition. The attractive orange tone leather case includes the leather belt look and steel hardware so that you can carry the sliderule hands free. The case does not have any tears or damage to the finish, but does have some minor normal wear (scuffing). Was not carried extensively. Requires no batteries and will provide hours of fun. Just think that you can own the same device that engineers used to send men to the moon and calculate the intricacies of nuclear physics! No need for those pesky calculators with those awful buttons! Show what you are made of: Impress the women! Women, scare the men! You don't want to pass on this one time deal. When it is gone, it is gone. If you have this trusty slide rule (and you have practiced a lot), you will be able to yell out, "Stand Back! I have the answer!" Don't you dream of such things? How could you not! All parts move smoothly as designed.