The Deck of Many Kickstarter Decks and Patreon Rewards (D&D 5E Accessories)

This is a full set of all 7 decks which were produced as part of The Deck of Many's first Kickstarter campaign. The are themed decks of tarot-sized reference cards for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5E). The decks include the following:
The Deck of Many NPC's The Deck of Many Conditions The Deck of Many Weapons The Deck of Many Monsters The Deck of Many Monsters 2 The Deck of Many Monsters 3 And of course... The Deck of Many Things
This set also includes all Patreon rewards produced as of September 2018. For those who may be unaware, following the success of their first Kickstarter, the Deck of Many created a Patreon where by pledging $10 per month you would be sent 8-12 additional reference cards of things they had been working on, including one card with artwork by a guest artist. This set will include ALL of these rewards since the first month they began doing them, through September 2018.
All decks are New In Shrink, except for the Deck of Many Things which was opened to check the product, but never used.
If you have any questions, please inquire!