Declaration of Independence EDWARD RUTLEDGE engraving

Engraved by Longacre from a painting by Ralph Earle
We at Line of Battle are most pleased to be able to bring you one of the very original portraits of our founding fathers on this great weekend. Almost 200 years old this, wonderfully, important piece of our American Heritage has been archived commensurate with the huge importance of the subject. Great care has gone into cleaning and deacidifying the portrait. Additionally, it has been defungicided, so t will be no further intrusion of foxing and thus be of no harm to any document that mught join it in a collage. Shown above is how the engraving might look in one of our museum frames which we display our pieces at the museum. I debated as to whether I should make the offering in this format only, thus assuring it would continue to be protected and make sure it was hung on the wall. It was decided to simply offer the engraving as is, so one could actually touch this part of history before going it on their own. Also, since Line of Battle leads the world in the most accurate and lasting reproductions, I thought it would be a good idea to include one of those as well to make sure you were in getting an original. Slaaaaves! Born to an aristocratic Family in South Carolina, Edward Rutledge was perhaps destined to a life of Public
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