Deco Green Enamel Compact w/Pink Flowers & Finger Ring

Up for bid is a Deco Green Enameled Compact with Finger Ring Chain. The compact has very nice green colored enamel, with pink flowers in a design in the middle. The sides and the back areas of the compact have silver-tone color. The back has a circular design in the center and nice designs around this area. The compact is not marked with any name. The closure is missing and will not close completely. There is a hole where the closure part would have fit. On the outside of the compact on the green area there is a silver design surrounding a dark black area. The inside mirror is moon or kidney shaped, no cracks or chips. The top inside below the mirror has a compartment for rouge and has the puff. The powder puffs have powder and rouge on them, used condition. Some of the pink is still visible as you can see in a picture. The bottom part was for the powder, none left and there is a powder puff. The finger ring chain is attached to the side corner of the compact. The compact measures 2". Finger ring size is about a 9 1/2. You can see powder residue on some areas on the inside of the compact, and can probable be wiped off. This is really a pretty deco compact colors are nice in the enamel area on the front. This would make a great additon to anyone's compact collection. I have added a few similar compacts, please take time to look.

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