Decorative Primitive Wood Post Office Birdhouse, Rustic

Post Office Bird House

The birds will come flocking to you back yard to visit this adorable Post Office Bird House.

It is made from wood and has a primitive look. This is really three buildings in one. The first little house in front of the large building has a green door with a tiny screw for the door knob, a sign "root beer" in on the front of the door. It has a small hole in the door that has access to just this small part. On the roof of this part is a sign that reads "overnight post".

The front of the larger part has a sign that says "United States General Post Office", two windows that have wire to represent the panes of the window. To the side is a sign that says "Telegram Availiable " (their spelling not mine), and a post office drop box along with some crates. Along with a Coca Cola Sign.

In front of the post office is a telephone/ telegraph pole that has a string wire going up to the top of the post office and a hitching rail for horses. On one side of the large part it has a window also with the wire pane look and a sign that reads "Modern Tele-graph" the roof has a sign that reads "Sunday Herald" The back has a large green door also with tiny screw door knobs and a window. The other side is the side with the entrance for the birds it has a 1 1/8" hole.

The piece has a brown
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