Deep Sea Series, complete 3 titles, Reprint editions, By A. Hyatt Verrill, whale

This listing is for the complete Deep Sea Series by A. Hyatt Verrill, REPRINT EDITION, Quality hardcover with full Color DJ and Board applique'. Whaleing Stories. Very hard to find originals, especially #2. Please ignore cutting instructions on DJ images. The listed books are new. Reprinted by Jim Towey, "The Adventure Continues" who has reprinted over 125 other hard to find series titles. This series about whaling adventures
Book Collection- " Reprint titles" Author Series/ # / Title exclude Publisher Verrill Deep Sea Hunters,1,Deep Sea Hunters
TAC Verrill Deep Sea Hunters,2,Deep Sea Hunters in the Frozen Seas
TAC Verrill Deep Sea Hunters,3,Deep Sea Hunters in the South seas