Deeply MOLDED HAIR 9" DOLL dollhouse Antique Repro MALE BOY MAN

in a separate auction i have a cloth doll listed with a clothing patch/repair. i mention this because this doll has the same type of clothing patch repair and they are from the same estate.
this auction is for ONE DOLL ONLY. 1 tiny small spectacular doll... a boy..9" aprx" considered to be an antique reproduction, artist signed doll.
amazing little doll. really, what a great doll! absolutely magnificent! and a wonderful small size! VERY deeply molded WISPY hair and spectacular handsome face, EXCEPTIONAL clothing, and a very VERY nice cloth body! head is either porcelain or china! this is from an estate so i do not know what if any repairs were made or if it is all original. i can feel a shoulder plate and it goes down pretty far at approx 3" and makes a 9" doll as presented. i feel no breaks. clothing sewn on and i don't want to fool with it in any way. this little guy's head and shoulders are either china or porcelain, body is cloth. NOTE, TINY DOT BEAUTY MARK BY EYE WAS A SPEC OF DIRT AND it wiped right off
not sure of exact age, but shoulder artist marked with initials RMB. see photos as the backside of cloth was slightly dampened to show you artist markings. not certain of exact age of this doll and not certain if body is original or replacement. age honestly unknown, but it is VERY VERY NICE!
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